Legal advices in the field of taxation and finance
We provide legal advisory services in relation to the issues, potential problems and dilemmas in the field of indirect taxes (VAT, excise, customs, duties and road taxes), direct taxes (corporate income tax, personal income tax, taxes, fees, contributions, etc.), finance (accounting, application of IAS/IFRS, debtor-creditor relations), foreign currency transactions (transactions and credit transactions with foreign investment) and related business areas.
With our clients we achieve tight business communication so that we obtain all the relevant facts, necessary for high-quality legal analysis and interpretation of current regulations, judicial and administrative practices of the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina (at the state and all lower levels), but also the region and the European Union.

Representation in administrative proceedings and administrative disputes
Lawyer Dejan Rakic provides consulting services and representation in administrative proceedings in front of courts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which, among other things, involves the representation and advice on launching administrative disputes, making complaints to the Court, participation and representation at hearings, and in cooperation with the partner advisory company, we also provide consulting services during the administrative proceedings in front of state administration, which precede the administrative disputes.

Representation in civil and criminal proceedings
We offer our clients a complete or limited representation in civil and criminal proceedings in front of the competent authorities in the field of direct and indirect taxes, finance, foreign operations and related business activities.

Legal aid in exercising tax rights
In a number of limitations and restriction measures prescribed in laws and bylaws governing the tax and commercial law, clients very carefully enter into procedures related to the exercise of many rights which are also prescribed by the relevant regulations, and whose possibilities are less known to the businesses entities. Seemingly long and aggravating procedures for the realization of tax rights can be very simple and effective, if comply with all the conditions and criteria that require the tax authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and lower levels of government.
Lawyer Dejan Rakic​​, knowing the views and requirements of tax authorities, provides legal assistance and advice in exercising numerous tax and financial rights of our clients, without additional rejections and returning requests to refill.