About Us

As a result of constant and rapid development and opening of the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina by neighboring countries and harmonizing national legislation with the European legislation, specialized lawyer services have emerged as a necessity.
Tax law, as one of the most dynamic fields of law, is subject to the constant change. Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the adoption of a set of lawsstarting in 2006 began to implement a new way of consumption taxation, introducing a VAT system, which the EU applies the last few decades.

By establishing Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH, tax system has become the most complicated in Europe, which includes four autonomous tax administration, with a completely separate jurisdictions, which perform their responsibilities in accordance with a number of procedural and substantive laws. The complexity of the tax law in BiH is further expressed by the fact that a tax area includes over 40 laws with hundreds of subordinate laws.
In addition, judicial and administrative practice in applying those tax rules is huge, which is often a changeable, but uneven, sometimes even depending upon the territorial jurisdiction of the Court.

The negative effects of frequent violations that make taxpayers as a result of entering into a new and unknown system of taxation, and that the tax administration in BiH regularly sanctioned, boosted the economic stagnation that followed.
Law Office of Dejan Rakic ​​specializes in the area of ​​taxes, but also for a number of other areas that regulate financial operations of legal and physical entities (foreign currency operations, the regulations in the field of trade and customs regulations). Our goal is to offer our clients the full legal protection of their tax rights and through joint efforts keep pace with the dynamic changes.